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Behavior Modification

A problem behavior is any unacceptable, undesirable, nuisance behavior. These can range from common problem behaviors like, nipping and jumping. To more serious problem behaviors like,  aggression and high anxiety/fear.

Behavior Modification addresses these problems. 

**Some of these problems may be "cute" in the puppy stage but can lead to big consequences if left unaddressed.**

  • Aggression

  • High distraction

  • reactive

  • High anxiety/fear

  • Socialization

  • Noise making (barking, whining, etc.)

  • Inappropriate begging

  • Digging

  • Food Snatching

  • Getting on furniture

  • Nipping

  • Inappropriate chewing

  • Inappropriate jumping

  • Door darting

  • Does your dog have any problem behaviors?

Effective behavior problem solving is essential for creating a successful and harmonious dog and owner relationship!

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