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Meet The Trainers

Owner and Head Trainer
Paul W.

 My goal is to empower owners and dogs to grow a strong life-long bond. Proper training promotes a safe, calm, positive relationship that is beneficial for all parties involved! 

2024 will be P.W's Dog Training's 11th year of business. It all started with the rescue of my own best friend, Baxter. He's been with me since the beginning when I found him abandoned in a soccer field parking lot. From then I decided to switch from horse training to dog training. I started training with Dan Linder at Action Dogs USA in 2012. I was able to start P.W.'s Dog Training in 2014 and the following year I graduated from A.B.C (Animal Behavior College) with my Dog Training Certificate. I've now been training for over a decade.

I utilize a balanced training program customized to each clients needs and wants.  Some of my most common training methods include classical and operant conditioning, positive and negative reinforcements, as well as counter conditioning.

I will always implore dog owners to take the responsibility to train dogs properly at any stage of life. No dog is too old for training, old habits are hard to break, just like humans! Training develops a deep connection and communication between you and your dog. The risk of abandonment drops dramatically for dogs that are trained according to the American Kennel Club. 


Join me on my journey this year, we have a big year ahead of us!


Kennel Technician and Jr Trainer


Toy Testers

Paul & Clayton

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