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Creating Lifelong Bonds!


Our mission is to create life long bonds between  and owners. 

We're located in Anderson, TX.

We service Grimes County and the greater surrounding areas!


 We are a family run business and offer in-home boarding, board training as well as private lessons.


Our furry clients live with us during their stay. They have access outdoor/indoor via doggie door as the weather permits. The yard is a privacy fenced acre with lots of room for exercise, play, and relaxing in the sun! 


Obedience training can be done through private lessons or board training. 

All training is discussed and decided upon during evaluation by trainer and owner.


We offer free pick up and drop off in surrounding areas. As well as flexibility with dates and times. You are free to pick up and drop off as well.


You can explore options here, even bookings and payments!


If you don't see what fits you, please let me know, we look forward to hearing from you and discussing ways we can help!


Bookings are also available by text/call.


Thank you for your interest  

Paul - P.W.'s Dog Training 




Helping Man's Best Friends

Teaching Humans To Speak Dog

Paul W. is an A.B.C certified Dog Trainer 

Book today on the Pocketsuite App!

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