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Here to help pet owners grow a strong and everlasting connection with their companion for life!

I offer affordable private lessons and boarding/training services. Private lessons usually take place at the client's residence. Training typically consists of basic commands, behavior improvement(s), leash walking, and even advanced off-leash training. P.W.’s Dog Training offers the unique boarding/training service of your companion being kennel free. When I board your dog: I can interact with them on a much higher level, they'll be able to spend time indoors, where they have access to run free in a large, fenced area as they please. Your companion will only be kenneled if left unsupervised unless otherwise requested. My unique boarding/training service helps develop good social skills, keeps your companion from being bored, and allows me to teach them house etiquette, something unachievable if they are in a kennel all the time. 

Dog Training 101

Dog training starts with the owner understanding the best ways to interact with their dogs. The recommended starting age to teach dog commands (sit, down, stay, etc.) is six months old. Behavior training (jumping, biting, chewing) can be done at any age. It is highly recommended to start behavior training, and socialization at a young age as they are able to adjust better to people and other dogs. These dilemmas will be harder to fix as they grow older. In addition, you must remain consistent while training. Showing high consistency develops better communication with your dog.

Services & Fees:

Private Lessons:

$100 for an Individual session, $50 for each additional dog


$350 for 4 sessions, $175 for each additional dog


Sessions last about an hour and take place roughly once a week, can be changed to accommodate your schedule. Private lessons are a great way to participate in your dog's training and create a strong bond.




 $33 per day or $200 per week for boarding

$600 for 2 weeks for boarding and training

$1,100 for 4 weeks for boarding and training

$1,500 for 6 weeks for boarding and training


Headed out of town for a few days or weeks and need to board your dog? Give them a doggy vacation and an opportunity to make new friends at P.W.'s!  


Does life keep you busy, just can't seem to find the time to train consistently? Do you find yourself wishing your dog behaved better in and out of the house? Whatever you and your dog need P.W. is here to help!   


 *Training discussed with the client before pick up, boarding time varies per training request.



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